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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 25, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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seen wearing a black hoodie jeans and a neck gaiter style mask. we have to pray. for people. because they don't know. um that. you know, they don't respect the other people, investigators say around noon april 13th, the suspect struck up a conversation with a woman near the intersection of summer side drive and lucrecia avenue. victim slash survivor began to get uncomfortable with the conversation. she tried to walk away at which point the suspect assaulted her in a sexual way. the unidentified man ran off, sparking the ongoing police search crime and a lot of different avenues is getting more brazen. um and worse. mansfield of the silicon valley y w. c a says victims of sexual assault are typically attacked by people they know. she believes that covid years have produced an increase in this
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kind of crime. we're seeing an uptick, um, in terms of how many reports are coming our way and how many requests for services? so there's no doubt that the intensity and frequency feels like it's increasing. she did bite him off, and he quickly ran away. but he's still out there, right. i mean, he did it once. probably will do it again. investigators say the suspect sports a buzz cut and has brown hair and eyes caution area residents to be mindful of their surroundings and call police if they see this man i looked behind me, make sure be aware of my surroundings, and that's the best thing you can do be aware of your surroundings all the time. investigators say the suspect was last seen in the area of summer side and mclaughlin. they are checking the surveillance cameras for neighbors in that area. hopefully, that will provide more clues. obviously if you have information or surveillance video give san jose police are called. we're live in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news
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back to you. and hopefully with the release of that sketch, jesse, it will generate some leads. thank you. san francisco district attorney's office is expanding services to help victims of crime. the office has created a data dashboard to better understand the demographics of crime victims. dashboard shows the number of victims the office has served since 2011 and the primary language spoken by victims who are non native english speakers . it also displays the type of prime each victim experienced. the d a. s office says it created the dashboard because the number of victims served reached a record high last year . meantime the san francisco district attorney's victims services division has also expanded and created numerous new programs to help crime victims, including adding to property victim advocate positions to support victims of property crime. creating an api elder abuse steering committee to protect vulnerable community members and securing a grant to expand victim centered,
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restorative justice approaches to crime. san jose. police are also investigating a shooting that injured a pregnant teenager. it happened just after nine o'clock this morning on snow drive your the discovery community garden. police say that 17 year old girl was inside her home when shots were fired from outside. her wound is not considered life threatening. people who live in the area say there have been other shootings and that this is just the latest incident of violence to happen in their neighborhood. i've seen the neighborhood. pack out the park. people come over random people come over and they have their picnics. but at the same time it gets crazy in the daytime. we've had people get shot from soccer games over here . we've had people get shot right around the corner, right? not too far from here. ah, sitting on the porch. investigators have not yet released information about a motive or suspect and no arrests have been made. san jose police confiscated three so called ghost guns this weekend, the department posted these pictures on twitter came across the guns
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during two different traffic stops. police say the guns were found while officers made probable cost searches of those vehicles. pittsburgh police are searching for a suspect in a possible road rage shooting that left a man in critical condition . last night, officers found the wounded man inside a car at kirker pass road and castle would drive just after 11 30 last night. they learn. the shooting happened about a mile and a half away near thomas way and crestview drive. detectives believe the shooting may be related to a road rage incident . opening statements began today in the san francisco trial against major drug manufacturers and retailers. the city is suing those companies, including walgreens, for their alleged role in the opioid epidemic. evan sernoffsky is following this trial and joins us now live with the latest evan. that's right. heather, the city attorney's office, said these companies created a public nuisance in san francisco by flooding the streets with prescription drugs. and last
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week one of the company's endo pharmaceuticals settled its case with the city to the tune of $10 million. we need to make sure that they're held accountable for the impact to san francisco in california. opening statements began monday in san francisco's federal case against opioid manufacturers out organ and teva. drug distributor and pharmacy giant, walgreen's outside court. city attorney david chu said he wants those companies to pay up. we also want to make sure that san francisco recoups at least some of our losses. that were resulting from the incredible profits that were gained by corporate defendants in their opening. attorneys for the city argued those drug companies went after a new market of customers. beginning in the 19 nineties, attorneys played videos like this one from the drug makers themselves. the window was really open as the whole landscape of pain management and treatment was changing, the city
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attorney said. the drug companies aggressive salesforce lied to doctors and pharmacists , saying opioids were not addictive, and companies like walgreens filled countless suspicious prescriptions without a second thought. attorney richard hyman said, quote the claims about the safety and efficacy of prescription opioids were false. prescription opioids are as addictive as heroin. it all allegedly helped create a demand that spilled over in places like the tenderloin where illicit drugs like fentanyl have spurred an overdose crisis exposure here it's fair to say is a lot of money. professor scott dodson at uc hastings said the case will have widespread implications, he said san francisco's litigation is one of a handful of cases that will set the bar for the liability in thousands of other similar cases around the country. wheels of justice. turn slowly but they
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are turning and i think that we're moving towards a global resolution of all of these cases is in the march nearer term now. heather julie attorneys for walgreens and the other defendants are expected to give their opening statements on tuesday. they have not responded to our requests for comment. reporting live in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news as you mentioned, though, evan the certainly comes amid a wave of opioid settlements. we'll have to see what happens in this case. evan, thank you. well if you have unused prescription drugs, you'll soon have a safe way of disposing of them. the national prescription drug take back day is scheduled for this saturday between 10 am and two pm bay area police departments are partnering with the drug enforcement agency to take back unused prescription medicines. the also take e cigarettes and bait pens without better with the batteries removed. but will not take injection needles. elon musk ended weeks of speculation today
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and has now sealed a deal to buy twitter for $44 billion. it is a pivotal moment for the san francisco based company. it certainly has a unique and powerful role in public discourse. christian captain joins us now live from twitter headquarters there in the city with a look at the changes that might be in store christian. twitter's board unanimously approved that decision to sell the company, which means that twitter will go from being a publicly traded company to a privately held platform. unsurprisingly the twitterverse had plenty to say about the deal by tesla founder elon musk to buy twitter must himself tweeting. he wants to make the platform better than ever by enhancing the product with new features in previous interviews , must talked about the important role he believes twitter plays. having a public platform that is maximally trusted, broadly inclusive. um is extremely important to the future of civilization. twitter released a statement confirming the $44 billion deal, saying
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that at the completion of the sale, twitter will go from being a publicly traded company to being a privately held platform. university of san francisco school of management professor ludwig carini says that shouldn't have a major impact on twitter users but will allow the company to act without short term investor pressure. for example, if they believe free speech is one of their primary motivations, and that sometimes that will mean less earnings or things of that sort. they don't have to be hit in earnings calls. and managed to those earnings calls they can focus on their long term objectives and run the company that way free speech is one of the hot button issues currently being debated on twitter, including who would and would not be allowed on the platform must himself tweeting that he hopes his worst critics remain on twitter because that is what free speech means. king carini says users will likely not notice any major changes on the platform right away and said just because the company goes private now doesn't mean that it will stay that way going forward
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like 7 10 years. who knows how long 57 years maybe twitter will realist again. a new valuation and then elon musk will sell all the shares for you know, hundreds and hundreds of millions. usf professor tells me that shareholders will have to approve the deal. he says he also doesn't anticipate any regulatory hurdles to that deal going through live in san francisco at twitter headquarters. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. christian thank you. well, twitter stock rose over 5% today. after that sale was announced. trading was suspended prior to the company agreeing to musk's takeover. it resumed after it was announced there have been a number of high profile users who have been kicked off twitter over the years, most notably former president donald trump. earlier on the four we asked cnet, editor at large insurer must acquisition of twitter could bring back those users to the platform. former president trump gave an interview to fox news,
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where he said that he will not rejoin twitter. if he's offered the opportunity. he wants to focus on his own social media platform truths also which it's worth, noting he hasn't even posted on yet, but whatever so i am really curious to see how this all plays out. i imagine many of the people who have been kicked off of twitter are excited about even the prospect of having access to those hundreds of millions of people who go on twitter every day to see whether or not they might be wanting to find out what they have to think. former president . trump did praise the twitter deal, he said musk is a good man and will make improvements to twitter. we hear we cleared be no solution. jane for a cause why demonstrators locked themselves together inside wells fargo's san francisco headquarters also had oakland educators have a message of their own. students need investments, not school closures . now teachers are ready to walk out of the classroom. plus. the
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can't be no solution. activists protested both outside and inside wells fargo headquarters in san francisco this morning, the day before its annual meeting, some demonstrators chained themselves together inside the bank on montgomery street. they're calling on wells
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fargo shareholders to approve a resolution at their virtual meeting tomorrow to stop financing companies that have not adopted a net zero emissions pledge. the fact that this resolution is even going to be voted on is historic. um, we need the big investors like blackrock, vanguard state street to step up and act on their climate commitments and vote vote. yes, on this resolution. but we think that no matter what happens tomorrow, this is making ripples within the bank. about 20 people were arrested. the protesters say the bank has invested $742 billion in the fossil fuel industry in the past six years despite the rising threat of climate change, shareholders and bank of america and citigroup will also consider similar resolutions at their annual meetings tomorrow. firefighters in arizona are finally getting some relief from mother nature as they battle that massive wildfire that's been raging for more than a week. late, lighter winds and increased humidity helped fire crews make some gains against the tunnel fire north of
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flagstaff. the conditions have also allowed authorities to lift some of the evacuation orders. some residents are returning, though, to find ashes where their homes once stood. they said they fled the flames, knowing that their lives were at risk. the sky was orange and the ashes were falling it we knew that it was a matter of life and death. to get out of to get out of the way. of the tunnel fire has consumed more than 21,000 acres. so far. it's 15% contained by officials warn that strong winds are expected to return later this week and say conditions are expected to reach record breaking levels for this time of year. a retired firefighter was killed as crews battle a wildfire burning in rural southwestern nebraska. retired fire chief died when his truck went off the road in heavy smoke and dust on saturday. at least 15. other firefighters have been injured. six homes have been destroyed and hundreds more are threatened. a firefighter recorded this video
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of the intense flames. fire has burned nearly 65 square miles since it started on friday. hotter and drier conditions are sparking larger and more frequent wildfires. ktvu tom baker reports now from our national wildfire conference in san francisco, where attendees are worried about this year's fire season surging out of control. the only reason this fire warning sign is on yellows because we've had some rain of light. but in a few weeks it'll be pegged on red. we now know it academically is that these fires apart four times larger we used to have in 2000 and 14 3000 fires across the nation right now in 2020 worth 12,000 fires a year. major fires are raging in new mexico, arizona and nebraska. way ahead of former no longer valid fire season expectations, and it's only likely to get hotter and drier. it's so unpredictable. south based fire scout has created an artificial intelligence system
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connected to 1000 pg and e cameras. we can get on these fires fast. keep them in an acre to 10 acres, then they don't turn into the huge fires that need massive amounts of manpower. this summer's wildfires forecast in the west is at best grim. mike morgen, chief of colorado's cal fire equivalent, says when and where those fires arise is a game changer. now we're seeing fire behaviors and conditions that we've never experienced before. 9000 ft in elevation in october, which is just unprecedented, that should be there should be. you know, the snow season in colorado, and yet we're experiencing these huge fires. it's not a good recipe for the entire west. what it looks like this year is shaping up as we would have a lot of states that are in extreme conditions at the same time. which is going to take, you know resources that are sparse to begin with and spread them even thinner. and so this is pretty much everyone's last chance to get defensible spaces around their house. and in their neighborhoods. because
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the fire season is likely to be long, hot and very hard. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. 5000 nurses at stanford health and lucile packard children's hospital walked off the job today and onto the picket line. all those nurses say they're striking. after weeks of failed negotiations, hundreds of nurses lined the streets near the hospitals this morning. their contracts expired back on march 31st they say they're fighting for better pay mental health resources and a solution to the burnout and exhaustion that they're feeling. nurses are caregivers, and so we give ourselves and we give up our families. we give everything for the patients in the hospitals. that's a behavior that needs to change if we're going to keep nursing safe. no, we've had some areas that have been more challenging than others. and we recognize that acknowledge that but overall we've done a tremendous job of providing support. now as far as wages go
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, stanford cost the package being offered to the nurses union generous with top of the market wages. the nurses haven't yet said how long they plan to strike. the antioxidant council is set to decide tomorrow whether to delay implementing new restrictions on flavored and e cigarettes and little cigars. the council passed the ordinance last month. but since then they've heard from retailers. asking for a grace period so they can at least sell out the remainder of their inventory when the ordinance was debated the american heart association and contra costa tobacco prevention coalition said there was no reason to delay the measure. already uh, we've got some weather to talk about. but first, let's look at some of the rainfall accumulations thus far this year. these are estimates of about where we are in terms of how much rain we should be seeing. it's 80% of average and santa rosa. 85 in san francisco and engineers 95 in oakland. that's pretty good sandals. it 57 still below average, but again if it didn't happen in october, november, we wouldn't
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have. we'd be in bad bad shape. we had so much rain. those atmospheric rivers were so productive but as you know, it's been basically a perpetual dry or summer kind of environment around here since christmas, for the most part, had some systems and we're waiting for more, but here's this long range model. and what does it do? it keeps everything to the north of us. and so there it goes. i just rolled through friday, saturday and again this there's action up there and there is actually gonna be swell. i was used if there's surf. generally there's weather happening. that's how you you form waves, so there are up in the illusions or storms and they're pumping out wind and they're pumping out rain and snow in parts of alaska, northern north western seattle, but for us, we're just kind of seeing nothing because we're on the south end and it's time to year with that jetstream starts to recede to the north, albeit it's still active. there's still a lot going on. it's just not at our latitude. so live camera shot. there was a little patchy fog at the golden gate bridge earlier, there will be some
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organ tonight. it'll fill in and then there's that hes tomorrow the haze goes away. we're going to get a week frontal system that slides through. and it blows up the inversion. so it goes through and inversions just when you get a high pressure and caps, the atmosphere and all the everything down in here, all the particular matter gets trapped. that's what you're seeing in this picture. all this stuff down here all the morning commute. afternoon community industrial smoke. it's all in here. tomorrow the inversion goes away, and that all just mixes vertically out. and so tomorrow should be a pretty good air quality day, but we'll drop the temperature a couple of degrees. so temperatures tomorrow we're going to be instead of in the upper seventies, they're going to be in the mid seventies low seventies. nice day tomorrow. so this is the frontal system. so here it is. tomorrow morning. back it up. it starts showing up about midnight and so you can see the rain up around macarthur up around bernie, and then it just kind of slides through that is going to clean out the atmosphere beautifully. and as it does we get some really nice conditions for the rest of the week temperatures, however, this
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week not into the eighties generally were in the seventies . we're going to stay there. we're going to school tomorrow and then come up a little and then just kind of float there right through the week. no rain this week. i'll see you back here with the full forecast in the five day and just a few minutes. all right, we'll see you then. bill thank you. russia targeting rail and fuel facilities as the u. s. sends a major military aid package to ukraine. but it's unclear how it will deter russian forces and a veterinary hospital has closed without any notice to its patients or employees coming up tonight at six o'clock, pet owners might face even more trouble trying to find care elsewhere.
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a st ukrainian rail and fuel facility striking crucial infrastructure far from the front lines of its eastern offensive. but the campaign has yet to achieve a significant breakthrough. this comes as ukrainian officials are thanking the u. s for another military package announced over
5:26 pm
the weekend. but as foxes ripped, jenkins tells us, some say, still not enough. and what do you think of their trip? sir president biden, sending to high profile cabinet members to ukraine over the weekend to show solidarity as russia ramps up its new offensive, secretary of state antony blinken, announcing plans to reopen the u. s embassy here in kiev. he was joined by defense secretary lloyd austin, who unveiled a new military aid package worth $713 million. 300 million of that will be used for weapons specific to the fight in the donbas region, which is large and flat, favoring tank advances supported by artillery . we are doing everything that we can to get them. the types of support the types of artillery and munitions that will be effective. but some ukrainian officials are pushing back. they say they are grateful for the billions of dollars in aid given so far, but more is needed urgently to give the ukrainians a chance to destroy the russian
5:27 pm
army in ukraine, so it can't threaten other countries. this is not enough as long as the war continues its not because ukrainians a greedy, it's because we need to win this war. meanwhile the fighting is intensifying in the east. so far , the ukrainian defensive line is holding. but some observers say that could all change quickly. the maneuver forces of the russians are somewhat incompetent. and that's why they've only made small gains, but they have made games and those games can add up over time secretary austin will meet with defense officials from 20 other countries tomorrow to discuss ukraine's long term security needs. in kiev, ukraine, griff jenkins fox news. mayors of the state's biggest cities, getting together to highlight how they've been tackling homelessness coming up after the break. their republican counterparts have a response. plus a florida bride now admits to spiking her wedding food with weed coming up the moment.
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5:31 pm
that three month old. the baby's family says they do not know the man. police released a description of the kidnapper. he is described as a dark latino man wearing black pants, a dark blue shirt, gray shoes with white trim and a black face mask. the baby's car seat is described as black in color with a white blanket. you're asked to call 911 if you see the man or the baby. oakland unified school educators are going on strike the teachers union president says it is to protest the plan to close or consolidate a number of schools in that district. ktvu is james torres has reaction now from parents and the school district. as of doubt that strike is planned for friday morning. that's when a number of school teachers from a number of school campuses here in oakland will walk out of the classroom for the day. students and parents follow the typical monday routine at lincoln elementary school in oakland, many aware a one day strike is looming. whatever it takes for the school to get right. i guess
5:32 pm
they have to do what they need to do. the oakland education association, the union representing oakland, teachers, says union members voted to go on a one day strike this friday . they are protesting the district's decision earlier this year to close or consolidate 11 schools. the district says the schools in question are under enrolled in the plan will save millions of dollars. but some parents, including misty cross, who is the co founder of the group, west oakland moms for housing? say the plan unfairly targets low income black and brown communities. this district has failed on doing equity analysis reports. they have, um not done them in a way that it shows that these schools deserve to be closed areas is a teacher at ccp, a one of many planning to protest we're not going to stand by to let this continue to be a policy. um that disproportionately impact, especially that disproportionately impacts are working class black and brown
5:33 pm
families and especially families with special needs. the district sent an email to the union saying in part even the threat of again depriving students of instruction, let alone an actual deprivation, especially without legal justification will only further hurt students. the district was not able to offer any more comment this morning. union leaders say oh, usd is violating an agreement, saying a decision like this requires a year's worth of conversation. and while some parents disagree with the school closures, some also hate the idea of teachers walking out of the classroom. you would hate for your son to look for sure, for sure. for sure. he loves school. he loves to interact with the kids. he likes to do. his projects make airplanes and stuff like that. so he loves going to school reporting in oakland. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. of your teachers are leaving the san francisco unified school district now than during the height of the pandemic. the district says that as of mid april, turnover rates remain consistent with last year and
5:34 pm
lower than pre pandemic levels. between january and april of this year, 124 teachers left the district that number was exactly the same for the same period last year. however in 2020, there were 217 teachers who retired or quit. there are several incentives in place to try to keep the teachers working in that district. teachers and peer educators will receive 21 time bonuses of $2000 this year . in addition, daily rates for substitute teachers in para educators have also increased in san francisco. between 2000 and 14 and 2019 s. f. u s. d says it has increased based teacherssalaries over 25% without decreasing benefits. mayors from california's 13 biggest cities say they need more state funding to combat homelessness. they held a news conference today to highlight the progress they've made, but also to show the risk of letting the current funding end ktvu zan ruben joins us now live from san
5:35 pm
jose with the details and the mayor say they've used the current state funding to create some innovative new programs programs. they'd have a hard time supporting if the money ran out. when it comes to homelessness, the pandemic years have taken their toll. advocates in san jose say they've seen it firsthand. you see more seniors dying each year, you see more people dying each year. what we need are immediate things like ways to get people off the streets immediately, and so cities throughout california have been taking action with the help of a big boost in state funding. last year, the governor allocated $2 billion towards homelessness over a two year period. san jose mayor sam liccardo says it's allowed innovation like never before. quick build apartment complexes like we have in san jose, tiny homes, new kinds of shelter that provides supportive services, and we're able to do it much more quickly than the standard approach is statewide.
5:36 pm
authorities say they've created 9000 additional beds, but they fear when that state funding ends in 2023, so will all their progress. mayors of big cities throughout california held a news conference pushing for more but we need ongoing funding or else we're going to face fiscal cliff and we're c 9000 people pushed back out onto the streets of our state of council here in san jose, the city's tiny homes and quick build communities could be at risk. that would be a big setback, says jeffrey morgen of first community housing, he says every step on the way to permanent supportive housing is vitally important. the loss of funding at the levels before you get there means that we're just have more people on the street, more health problems and more cost. the big city mayors are pushing for an additional $3 billion spread over a period of three years. they'll find out whether their conversations with the governor and legislators were successful by early summer, julie and reuben reporting live
5:37 pm
for us tonight in san jose, and thank you better policies, not more money will alleviate the homelessness crisis. that is the message from the gop. in response to today's meeting, the california republican party issued the following statement. quote rather than simply throw more money at the problem. we need to understand that many homeless people suffer from mental health and substance abuse issues and need real help. bad democrat policies on zoning and land use have increased the cost of housing misguided minimum wage policies of priced many homeless people out of the labor market. in order to really help people. we need to understand how we got to this point and investigation is underway in east palo alto, where a pedestrian who was struck by a car did not survive. police say the victim was wearing dark clothing and pushing a shopping cart in a traffic lane. it happened just before five this morning near east bayshore road in oakwood drive. the driver remained there at the scene and was cooperating with police. anyone who has any information on this crash. is
5:38 pm
asked to call east palo alto police in the east bay authorities are looking into the distribution of anti semitic flyers danville police say residents have reported finding the leaflets at their homes in recent days. one resident sent us photos of the flyers in a plastic bag. she says she found them on her driveway. it's unclear how many have been covered. danville police released a statement reading in part these leaflets fly in the face of our values in danville. our town's mission statement focuses on providing services that make people's lives better. in pursuit of that mission. we are committed to inclusivity, welcoming families and people from all backgrounds to live work and visit. in florida. new body cam video shows police being called to a wedding reception after guests called 911, saying they thought that they had been drugged. deputies say that daniel glennie worked with caterer jocelyn bryant. to put marijuana in the food at the reception in seminole county back in february, then started
5:39 pm
calling 911, saying they felt high and that their stomachs were upset and several were even taken to the hospital. would be surprised if people had like their own. edibles but as far as people had their own personal and they're ingesting it that that that's one thing. that's what i'm coming. but if somebody put it in the food for everybody , including minors, or whatever the case might be, that's where the problem kind of lies. now both women turned themselves in. they are charged with culpable negligence and delivery of marijuana caterer. bryant could face more charges because deputies say she hasn't been licensed by the state. since 2017 now to new york, where investigators want to know why security cameras were not working in the brooklyn subway station, where a gunman opened fire, wounding 10 people. the mta has confirmed that cameras inside three subway stations that day were not transmitting video. other cameras did allow police to track the suspect's movements after the shooting. the investigation will include a review of the maintenance and repair program for that critical
5:40 pm
equipment, a new york judge has found former president donald trump and contempt of court for failing to turn over documents in an investigation of his business dealings. the judge also ordered trump to pay a fine of $10,000 a day until he complies. the new york attorney general is looking into whether the trump organization deliberately misstated the value of real estate assets to obtain more favorable loans, insurance rates and tax benefits. former president trump has called the investigation of politically motivated witch hunt. the court takes up a case of a prank coach that could impact public employees nationwide. caroline shadley in washington. i'll have details straight ahead, plus cameras rolling when a sky high stunt that did not get faa approval goes wrong.
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(music throughout) thee
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football field in washington state. that's because of former high school coach prayed after games, even though he was asked not to fox's caroline shively reports tonight. this could redraw the line defining separation of church and state. former high school football coach joseph kennedy calls his postgame prayers on the 50 yard line. religious liberty supreme court justice elena kagan had another name for it. it is a form of pressure, a form of coercion. um we're worried that the students will feel he gets to put me into a football game or not. he gets to, you know, give me an a in math class or not, and this is a kind of coercion that's improper for 16 year olds. lawyers in the case gave their oral arguments before the supreme court on monday. at question whether a public employee who says he is praying by himself while at school and visible to students is engaged in government speech that lacks
5:44 pm
any first amendment protection. some justices press the lawyers on the broader implications if the coach instead of taking a need, uh, for prayer in the during the national anthem because of not moral opposition to racism. would how would your school district respond? the court's decision could have a wider impact on public employees , students free speech and religion. i think that division that you heard among the justices indicates that there is going to be a lot of squabbling , not just over the outcome, but how they define this line and how they were they draw it. a ruling isn't expected until this summer before the court ends its current session in washington. caroline shively news a group of house republicans getting a firsthand look today of what's happening at the southern border. and just a short time ago, we learned of new details involving a public health order that deals with border control.
5:45 pm
plus pilots attempting to swap planes in midair over the weekend, but it did not go as planned. and we are tracking that weather. there's a little patchy fog at the coast temperatures trend down a few degrees tomorrow, so we'll look degrees tomorrow, so we'll look into that and the five day when ♪ ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer... are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs. both of these can lead to death. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening chest pain, cough, or trouble breathing. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection,... liver or kidney problems, are or plan to become pregnant,
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than any other provider. the choice is clear: get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. get a great deal on this limited time price with internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. call today. we', san jose police say a three month old baby has been kidnapped right out of his home , and it happened around one this afternoon surveillance video captured a man walking with the baby carrier this afternoon. police say the man entered that home in san jose on elm street. near interstate 80 80 and then walked out with a little three month old babies. family says they do not know that man. police released a description of the kidnapper. he is described as a dark latino wearing black pants, a dark blue shirt, gray shoes with white trim and a black face mask. the baby's car seat is described as black and color with white
5:48 pm
blanket. you are asked to call 911 if you see the man or that baby. the faa is investigating a daredevil stunt that led to a small plane crash in the arizona desert yesterday. two stunt pilots, who are also cousins plan to switch the planes. they were flying in midair, with each jumping into the other cockpit, one of the cessna's spiraled out of control and crashed the pilot. he was supposed to jump into that one parachuted to the ground. the other pilot was able to get into the other plane and landed. both men are fine. the faa says it denied the pilot's request for certain safety exemptions to carry out that stunt. well the first all commercial mission to the international space station wrapped up its historic trip. today the four member axiom crew splashed down in spacex's dragon endeavor capsule off the coast of jacksonville, florida this afternoon. the mission began april 8th. the crew was originally scheduled to stay in
5:49 pm
space for 10 days, but ended up staying in space for 17 days due to weather delays. the cost to go to space on this trip for the private astronauts was $55 million a seat. well the court has granted a temporary restraining order to keep title 42 in place. the trump administration issued title 42 back in 2020, which allowed for the expedited removal of migrants because of the pandemic. mills hayes joins us now live from eagle pass. texas republicans see this as a victory for border security. yeah heather, this is something that house republicans have been advocating for all day as they've been touring the border here in eagle pass, and this actually comes on the same day that they recovered the body of texas national guard specialist bishop evans. he went missing last friday after he tried to save migrants that were coming over from the mexico side into the u. s side. and many people called it a tragedy that he was unfortunately killed and they
5:50 pm
just wanted to emphasize how big of an issue the border crisis was. and this is really something that republicans are focusing on as they head into the midterm elections in the fall border patrol last month reported 221,000 encounters with migrants. the most that we've seen in two decades. republican leaders say that they're concerned about the number of drugs coming over from the border. house leader kevin mccarthy said that about 7000 people crossed into the u. s a day from mexico and that number would double if title 42 was lifted if president biden lifts title 42 what we see today will be much worse. a country without a secure border is not a country. and no longer is it just border cities. every city in america is a border city president. that the united states elected he is serving as our president. well, he is the greatest business partner to the
5:51 pm
cartels that has ever existed. by the administration's homeland security secretary alejandro new york is said to cnn this week that he does have a plan for a title 42 was lifted and they did see an influx of migrants crossing over into the border. but for now, title 42 will remain in place. the next that we will see in the development of four title 42 is may 13th. that will be when the next hearing is and that will be determining whether or not it will remain in place and eagle pass texas and mills hayes ktvu fox two news. that's something we'll obviously be following. thank you so much bills. alrighty another nice day out there temperatures today about where they were yesterday. temperatures tomorrow. going to cool down a few degrees in the atmosphere is going to clear you see behind me, sort of haze out there on the estuary as well. there's a little bit of a haze. there's also a little bit of riffle on the bay or on the estuary. here. you see that
5:52 pm
that's an onshore wind. spring like conditions so onshore the winds coming from the ocean to the land, typically because it's warmer inland, so you get the air rises creates a vacuum in the cooler air at the coast comes in. so you're seeing that and again when you see the texture a lot of times i'd like to row crew out there because it's generally smooth, but you can see it's pretty breezy when you've got the textured up like that inside the estuary. the bay, of course, is a little different, big. it's a lot more wind. okay so here's the system that's going to cool us off a few degrees tomorrow. i'm going to back it back up. so here's tonight at midnight here. this is a front. you can see some rain to the north attached with it, and then it goes through. so what does it do? it drops us down a couple of degrees. if this was two months ago, it might be some rain. but it does tomorrow is it drops us down a few degrees. no eighties, lots of mid seventies low seventies and then it cleans out the atmosphere so that hayes and that gunk kind of goes away by wednesday. we get a few high clouds and we head into a beautiful, beautiful week ahead. just mild spring like weather. tomorrow morning, there will be coastal low clouds and fog in
5:53 pm
san francisco. general be partly sunny. partly cloudy. however you want to look at it and then the end of the day, san francisco, you end up at 63 degrees and nice, mostly clear. kind of like today. really for the most part, but the atmosphere is going to be a lot clearer, so you're going to get the inversion gets lifted. the air mixes out in the air looks clear like this. so tomorrow we'll look into that and you'll be able to see like tonight we were trying to see the campanelli from from future tower. you can see if a barely tomorrow you'll be able to see it pretty pretty vividly over cal campus campanelli 71 degrees right now in napa 75 conquered. that where they we were yesterday, little cooler in some places a little warmer and other places. there is the system. now that's sliding through. this is cold. there. they call them cold fronts. um because it's cold air right. the cold air is behind the front. it's all warm air in front of it. so when the call front passes through all the cold air fills in behind it, and then you can see the closer upshot there. so as we go in the next few days, actually right through the week, the high pressure runs the place and then
5:54 pm
basically end up with a day tomorrow after those clouds clear out, that would be beautiful, mostly clear. pretty sunny and temperatures in the seventies and the warmest spots and sixties and the other spots, so it's going to be a little bit cooler. and then temperatures pretty much kind of hover in that range right into the weekend. when things cool little on friday, just it's a classic spring weekend. julian heather, that is exactly what you'd expect for this time of year, as opposed to what we've been seeing the last few weeks. alright. thanks so much bill. appreciate it. while trapped and in trouble, a brother and sister surrounded by dangerous waters, plus. a long time veterinarian hospital in the east bay has closed its doors without notice . and now customers and laid off staff have plenty of questions. also head san francisco city leaders are inching closer to a key vote on the status of jfk drive. and advocates on both sides are having their say.
5:55 pm
(music throughout)
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5:57 pm
thea deputies rescuing broke out saturday morning at an apartment complex in orlando. the video shows the deputy climbing up to the third floor, grabbing the baby from his mother and handing it down to his partners took fire crews about an hour to put out that fire officials say everyone in the building was accounted for, and there were no reports of any injuries. because of that fire is under investigation. the coast guard rescued a pair of siblings off the oregon coast this weekend and it was caught on camera. they got caught along the rocks as the tide came in. we get more now from fox's chandler watkins. yeah two teens . 1 13 year old girl and 1 15
5:58 pm
year old boy are safe following a coast guard rescue after they got caught along the rocks that will cove in deep obey on saturday. visitor whale cove in noticed the two got stuck as the tide came in and called 911 basically coordinated a rescue with the coast guard. and determine the most effective way of getting them off those rights was to utilize the helicopter. that you juveniles were safely lifted up off the rocks and onto a beach and return safely to their parents. tom jackson, division chief at the depot bay fire district, says it's key to always pay attention to remain safe. to not turn your back to the waves into plan before you go out. when you go to the coast. it's especially in the inclement weather season. it's very dangerous and you really have to plan an outing. to
5:59 pm
understand what the weather what the ocean waters are doing. so it's always good to become familiar with the tides and what time high tide happens to be so that you can make an informed decision on your plans of going out and exploring the iraqi coast or the beaches because sometimes if you don't plan to catch you off guard yep, that's always good advice. that was our chandler watkins reporting following the rescue. the siblings were checked by e. m. t s. and we're determined to be a okay before they were reunited with her parents. that'll do it for us at five. the news at six starts right now. this is ktvu fox two news at six. we are following breaking news in the south bay. a man is seen on surveillance video kidnapping a three month old baby from a home and the family says they have no idea who that man is. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener heather holmes here is the very latest on what we know. tonight san jose. police say a man kidnapped the three
6:00 pm
month old from a home on elm street at vermont. it happened around one o'clock this afternoon. the family says they do not recognize the suspect. the baby was wearing a white long sleeve onesie with dinosaurs on it. police released a description of the kidnapper. he is described as a dark man, latino wearing black pants, a dark blue shirt, gray shoes with white trim and a black face mask. the baby's car seat is described as black in color with a white blanket. you're asked to call 911 if you see the man or the baby now, here's a map of the area where they were last seen. it's in a neighborhood west heading street near bellarmine college prep and not far from mineta. san jose airport. we have a crew just arriving on the scene, and we're gathering some new information. we will bring that to you in just a few minutes as soon as we get it. san jose. police are also investigating a shooting that injured a pregnant teenager and happened just before nine o'clock this morning on snow drive near the discovery community garden.


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